Donated uniforms

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School Uniforms

The majority of students who attends school in villages and urban slum areas are in torn school uniforms or ragged old clothes. Parents are so poor and they are not able to afford new school uniforms as a result students stop going to the schools. Therefore AY Amritraaj Foundation aims to provide free school uniforms for those impoverished children in the villages and sub-urban communities. As little as $10 (USD) is required to buys a child a decent quality school uniform and even a better idea would be to buy the school uniforms in bulk. This not only saves us a lot of money, but also enables us to change the lives of several pupils at once, instead of focusing on only one child. AY Amritraaj Foundation provides pairs of good quality uniforms along with Books and Notebooks to children of urban slums who suffering due to lack of financial means while the parents have the dream to enable their children to go to school to perhaps ensure a brighter future. This wish is often not become reality for children who do not have means to fulfill financial prerequisite and for families that are struggling to put food on the table, buying new clothes for their growing children is often financially impossible.

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