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About Our Foundation

We want to share our vision and mission with you all.

“AY Amritraaj foundation is motivated to help and share bringing hope to the children of the future we care for our future generations and want to help and try make a difference. AY Amritraaj foundation has a vision to help other people meet their basic needs”

Founded in June 2007 by Indian born Mr Baljit Singh Ghag, AY AmritRaaj Foundation was established with the primary goal to provide the basic needs of children and families in Punjab.The trust is located in Phagwara, Punjab, India and is run by three very compassionate people Mr Baljit Singh Ghag, Mrs Gagandeep Kaur Ghag and Mr Sanjiv Rana.

We decided to name the trust after our own two children, daughter Amrit Kaur Ghag and son, Yuvraaj Singh Ghag forming AY AmritRaaj. We came to this decision after a family visit to Punjab. Our children were exposed to a completely different image to the world to what they were familiar with in the UK. Amrit and Yuvraaj were subsequently taken a back by some of the conditions they witnessed with many children/families not even having their basic needs met.

As children they were quiet emotional to see how people were living and especially the lack of school equipment and the conditions of the schools. During that visit they wanted to do what they could to try and help to give to those who needed it. They wanted to buy and donate books and stationary to the school in the local village.

It trues what they say, “if we all could see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything…..”

Amrit and Yuvraaj were so confused yet pleased to see how happy and thankful the children were when receiving the items which themselves did not see as such a big thing. We ourselves were so overwhelmed when we witnessed the excitement and passion we saw and in our children.
It is from that moment onwards when we decided to do what we could however simple to try and make a difference to help families in underprovided areas of Punjab.

As the majority of my time is spent within Punjab-India we decided that it would be ideal to open up businesses to aid as a source of income and allow us to expend on what we started. In 2016 we successfully opened up an all men’s clothing showroom AY Tashan Collections in Phagwara. The following years we were able to open up a 2nd branch in Garhshankar, also AY EyeLiner a beauty salon and academy in Phagwara, ect. In opening these businesses we have been able work with our gained contacts to provide uniforms for school children and also pay for accredited courses for students to help gain qualifications and enable to help secure a future in the beauty sector. The businesses have also helped us widen our approach to the people we want to provide support to AY Amritraaj foundation is motivated to provide support in bringing hope to the children of the future. We care for our impending generations and want to support and make a difference.

Our aims

    • Provide clean water and food to underprivileged areas within Punjab
    • Provide required resources to government schools
    • Provide uniforms
    • Provide educational stationary
    • Open Motivational and educational events to help engage and raise awareness in current situations which effect Punjab.
    • Receive donations and support to be able to host new projects to make substantial differences in so many lives.


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What We Do

Create A Better Future

Education For Child

AY Amritraaj Foundation’s goal is to enable and support children and young people in their education: to bring children to education and to increase student retention.

Blood Donation

A Blood Donation occurs when a person voluntarily has blood drawn and used for transfusions or made into medications by a process called fractionation.

Donate Uniforms to School

AY Amritraaj Foundation aims to provide free school uniforms for those impoverished children in the villages and sub-urban communities.